We don’t only value making healthy food choices but also sincerely believe that healthy foods should taste great. 
That’s why Nara has made a commitment to provide customers with a healthy and delicious selection of all-natural gourmet dips using authentic Mediterranean recipes.

Nara’s fresh home-style  flavor is achieved by using the highest quality ingredients that are free from preservatives and natural or artificial flavors.

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• All Natural and Healthy Products
• Delicious Fresh Taste
• No Artifi cial or Natural Flavors
• No Preservatives
• Innovative Preservation Methods

  • Recipe: Hummus With Caramelized Onions

    You will need:

    – 1 small-medium Onion
    – 2 tbsp Olive Oil– 9.5 oz of your favorite Nara Hummus (Nara Classic Hummus or Nara Roasted Garlic Hummus or Nara Roasted Pepper Hummus)  Read More …

  • Idea: Use on Burgers

    Nara Hummus Dips are the perfect replacement for Mayo and Ketchup. Just spread one of our many flavors on your burger bun and enjoy the great addition to your burger.

  • Idea: Use on Veggie Sandwiches

    Nara All Natural Hummus Dips (Including all flavors) are a delicious addition as a spread on your sandwiches, and don’t forget, it is healthier than butter or mayonnaise.
    Use on Veggie sandwiches to add a great taste while it is still veggie.